By Jay Syrmopoulos (Sept. 2017): "ISIS" aka 'Israeli Secret Intelligence Service' fomenting staged terror & orchestrating atrocities ...
Disaster Capitalism: atmospheric manipulation for geopolitical agendas & predatory profiteering ...
* links re: Notorious Military Contractor "BAE Systems" (HAARP, etc.) & Michael CHERTOFF (former head of
US 'Homeland Insecurity' during Hurricane Katrina, prior DOJ honcho
& part of neocon 'sayanim' facilitating Sept. 11th staged false flag)
Starts at 1:34 after ad. Fourth-year surgery resident who worked on Seth Rich claims he was alive and expected to live, but then a swarm of LEOs showed up. Read his posting at 1:45.
This award will go to a person or group engaged in what we believe is an extraordinary example of disobedience for the benefit of society.
Researchers have designed an algorithm that learns directly from human instructions, rather than an existing set of examples, and outperformed conventional methods of training neural networks by 160 per cent. But more surprisingly, their algorithm also outperformed its own training by nine per cent -- it learned to recognize hair in pictures with greater reliability than that enabled by the training, marking a significant leap forward for artificial intelligence.
The chase is on for some of the most prized oil and gas assets in the world, following the lifting of sanctions on Iran earlier this year. The historic deal paved the way for the country to rebuild its lost production capacity and fight for market share.

If all goes as planned, Tehran's oil officials will attract roughly $200 billion in new oil and gas investment, but the path to that target is fraught with obstacles.
teleSUR | October 29, 2016 "A United Nations expert said that Israel is attacking human rights organizations and trying to delegitimize their work and that he will launch an investigation into the problem. Michael Lynk, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967…"