A New Jersey man was arrested after police say he shot down a neighbor's remote control drone.
Despite the state-owned water company E.Y.A.TH functioning as a profitable enterprise, the Greek govt. has a privatization plan
to sell their majority shares to foreign interests, including questionable 'Mekorot' (Israeli National Water Co.), which has been detrimentally undermining/diverting basic water access to Palestinians, in favor of West Bank settlements & swimming pools ... *related news [resistance to global water privatization]:

Not The Onion
Billionaire philanthropist Bill "Think of the Children" Gates noted that what’s taking place now in West Africa is “quite impressive.” He declined to fault the global response to Ebola, calling the situation in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea “a very unique Ebola epidemic”
Gates also spoke about his support for Common Core education standards and discussed how the foundation, one of the largest in the world, considers where and how to act — “by picking goals like childhood death,..."
Without notice to the public, Los Angeles County law enforcement officials are preparing to widen what personal information they collect from people they encounter in the field and in jail – by building a massive database of iris scans, fingerprints, mug shots, palm prints and, potentially, voice recordings.
When an object is placed behind the layered lenses it seems to disappear.
"Leaders in the village of approximately 1,250 have galvanized locals into organizing Friday demonstrations against Israeli occupation for the first time in years, after 4,000 dunams (nearly 1,000 acres) in the southern West Bank was declared
“state land,” by Israel. Over a quarter of the confiscated land belongs to Wadi Fukin, which already lost most of its property
to the still expanding Israeli settlements"...
Technologies built for wars abroad are repurposed along the US-Mexico border and other international frontiers (enriching parasitical 'defense industry' profiteers & 'security' contractors, including Israeli co. ELBIT)...