Mideast Masonic-Zionist machinations & the "Yinon Plan"
flashback: http://orwelltoday.com/stagedevents.shtml
=> http://911caper.com/2010/09/12/911-omnibus-zakheim-bush-silverstein-et-al/
(video via Gilad Atzmon website) Zappa's perspective:
Democracy zapped in the USA ...
When Jeffrey Robinson’s Trump Tower debuted in July 2012, it failed to receive much attention, despite boasting the tagline, “The sexiest novel of the decade,” and an endorsement from Donald Trump himself.
Fears about the harmful effects of eating G.M. foods have proved to be largely without scientific basis. The potential harm from pesticides, however, has drawn researchers’ attention. Pesticides are toxic by design — weaponized versions, like sarin, were developed in Nazi Germany — and have been linked to developmental delays and cancer.

“These chemicals are largely unknown,” said David Bellinger, a professor at the Harvard University School of Public Health, whose research has attributed the loss of nearly 17 million I.Q. points among American children 5 years old and under to one class o
(Aug. 2016): Hilary Clinton intertwined with Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild * Elite Oligarchy
& the (s)Election Charade ...
"Israeli-influenced operations proceed in the U.S. (& worldwide) by using agents,
assets & sayanim" (corrupt masonic/zionist operatives & ethnocentric-supremacist shills, whether
paid or 'volunteer') ...
(flashback): concise overview by Jim Kirwan
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