issues of ethnic supremacism, masonic-zionist political manipulation, corrupt warped 'authorities',
racist 'law enforcement' and societal HYPOCRISY... (see current news below) =>
*question: So, are surfers allowed to wear wetsuits (?)
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"The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has left almost 90 percent of the water supply unfit for people to drink.
Fayez al-Hindi has devised a homemade water desalinization method which runs on solar power & ingenuity"...
Overview of Netanyahu & Israeli govt. attempts to censor and suppress the press & social media
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Tens of thousands of Delta passengers worldwide were grounded indefinitely Monday after a power outage caused a system-wide computer failure.
Netanyahu corruption & criminal ties via U.S. donors, especially Rechnitz clan ...
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(Aug. 2016, USA corrupt govt. honeymooning with British biotech corp. OXITEC in Florida)
'Problem-Reaction-Solution' mass coercion, clandestine ops. & GMO organisms are on the menu...
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(UK) Messy, Nightmarish Nuclear Energy Project (fiasco now 'on hold') -- spearheaded
by French govt.-owned "EDF" corporation -- with 1/3 funding to be provided by China
(note: EDF chief exec. is Jean-Bernard LEVY)
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(By James Petras - 7.7.16) "Amid raging corruption, social pathologies & outright political thuggery,
a new gang of vassal regimes has taken-over Latin America. The new rulers are strictly recruited as the protégé’s
of U.S. (& int'l. masonic) financial / banking institutions"...