Wow -- (July 2016) "In what a Vancouver Sun reporter describes as a 'stunning decision',
the Judge in the Canadian
'Terror Patsies' trial ruled that the pair (John Nuttall & Amanda Korody) were entrapped by the RCMP.
Last year's jury 'guilty' decision has now been overruled. The Judge also ruled that the police themselves broke the criminal code, and according to the Judge, if the guilty verdict were left to stand,
it would obstruct justice" !
"History Repeats" as Israel overreaches in oily Golan Heights grab, extending into Syria as part of ongoing
'Yinon Plan' geopolitical / territorial expansion ...
(gallows humor)... Hillary Clinton "the unofficial queen of pantsuits"...
(retarded sycophant news):
note: flashback = "NURSE RATCHED" ("One Flew Over The Cukoo's Nest")
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Hmm... while USA sheep are distracted by the $Election circuses -- Chandra Levy case twists
& turns -- No retrial; Salvadorean immigrant convict (fall guy) to be deported =>
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(flashback, summer 2001) =>
The killing of Berta Caceres (& other human rights advocates, environmentalists & also journalists) in Honduras
followed a U.S.-instigated & Israeli-implemented coup...
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The Pentagon will spend $240 million to build new infrastructure & repair old buildings at the Guantanamo navy base,
over the next 5 years. The Naval Base complex includes 6,000 residents (troops, staff & families). The notorious
detention center still has approx. 80 prisoners confined there.
(July 2016) "A federal appeals court has called for tighter restrictions on the US Navy's use of sonar
that harms whales & other marine life."
Trump & Pence, frontmen for (beholden to) rightwing zionism, casino magnate Adelson & Israel's
Moneyed Mob -- also, corrupt Clintons fronting for Rothschild empire, masonic-zionist cabal
* flashback: (Bill Moyers re: $Elections & 'Dark Money') =>